YPARD and AGRINATURA e-competition: Winners of the PhD. category

  • 27th April 2021
  • by secretary
Agrinatura News

YPARD together with Agrinatura Association organised the e-Competition and we are proud to announce the winners and share with you their stories.


Thank you for the cooperation and Congratulations to the participants!!!

We are looking forward for other categories. (MSc and BSc comig soon)

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success!

And a special congratulations to Charles Amarachi Ogbu, Dr. Marwa Shumo, Okafor Uche Cyprian, Dita Mervartováand Sidi Rana Menggala, the five selected winners of the YPARD/AGRINATURA Research Story e-Competition entitled ‘your Research your Story!

These five stories stood out the most from all the entries, and have been crowned the winners!

Visit the links below to see all of the winning contest entries.

Charles Amarachi Ogbu

This piece will take us to the research story of the Treatment of Wastewater: A case of Robbing Peter to Pay Paul? What is the justification for wastewater treatment since it incurs cost and pollutes the environment?. Enjoy reading his story at and at

Dr. Marwa Shumo

Her research story ‘Flies and Love at first sight’  details her love story with the black soldier flies. Enjoy reading her story at and at

Okafor Uche Cyprian

His research story takes us on his quest for the ground apple. Enjoy reading his story at and at

Dita Mervartová

Her story provides insights into the world pharmacy that has been losing its secret keepers. Enjoy reading her story at and at

Sidi Rana Menggala

His research story highlights the Impact of increasing the selling price of cinnamon bark on Kerinci’s crime rate. Enjoy reading his story at and at

Our panel of judges, which included experts from YPARD, AGRINATURA and CZU, chose the winning stories based on how well they exemplified the entry requirements, the storytelling style and the overall quality of the entries.

Congratulations top FIVE!