e-forum discussion on ICTs and Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition

  • 19th June 2017
  • by secretary
Agrinatura News

The e-Agriculture Community of Practice, in conjunction with partners, have this week an online discussion themed, “e-forum discussion on ICTs and Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition”.


This online debate explores the cross roads between ICTs and issues around opening data in Agriculture and Nutrition and its effective use, with a focus on establishing what benefits and possible losses, can accrue to farmers, if technology and open data are used conjunctively.


  1. The role ICTs play in the use of Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition for family farmers
  2.  Do you have any case studies that demonstrates the benefits (or damages) of the use of ICTs and Open Data?
  3. What investments are needed in your opinion to reap open data benefits and how can farmers be protected from the effects of open data?

Information on participation

This online forum is taking place from 19th of June to the 14th of July 2017 on the e-Agriculture Platform 

For any further information please contact us at  e-agriculture@fao.org