International conference CASEE 2020 June 8-9th 2020

  • 24th January 2020
  • by secretary
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11th International Conference CASEE 2020 in Prague


The conference entitled “CASEE Universities as laboratories for new paradigms in life sciences and related disciplines“ goes beyond the proclamation about “facing challenges”. The aim is to document that CASEE universities and their faculties already address environmental, economic and societal challenges in highly innovative way. The conference will highlight oral and poster presentation demonstrating that challenges rotating around agriculture, forestry and rural development, food production and consumption, environmental issues and climatic change, renewable resources, bioeconomy, are taken seriously in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Contributions from Ph.D. students and young researchers documenting novelties in research conducted by CASEE universities are highly needed to show for the rest of the world that this region of Europe has a potential for innovations in research. Moreover, the conference will also serve as the forum to exchange ideas and best practices how to be successful in getting research grants or submitting papers in prestigious journals. This year the conference will be co-organized with ATAE (Actual Topics in Agricultural Engineering) symposium group.

Conference date: June 8-9, 2020

Venue: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU), Czech Republic Conference websites:

Link for submission of abstracts:

Deadline for submissions of abstracts: February 3, 2020


The conference foresees its work in these subtopics where the participants are invited to participate with their papers reflecting submitted abstracts:

  1. Modern agriculture (new challenges in plant and animal sciences, biotechnologies)
  2. Rural development (including landscape planning) and rural economies
  3. Bioeconomy (renewable resources – opportunities and constraints)
  4. Forestry in contemporary world
  5. Sustainable food systems and quality
  6. Environmental safety and climate change
  7. Actual task in agricultural engineering (ATAE)
  8. CASEE Experimental farm network (practical exchange of practices of CASEE experimental farms)


Special information for PhD students

PhD students and young academicians and research workers from CASEE universities are specially invited to submit an abstract for a poster or oral presentation in one of the eight subthemes of the conference. The conference is a great opportunity to discuss their research findings in an international community because it provides an international feed-back. The deadline for the submission of the abstracts is December 21, 2019. Up to 20 PhD students with full papers accepted by the conference scientific board will be exempt from the conference fee (deadline of these full paper submission to CASEE Secretariat / is May 1, 2020; the students will be notified about the acceptance of their abstract by March 31, 2020 latest).