Call for proposals – Family Farming and People-Centred Land Governance

  • 08th November 2013
  • by manager
Agrinatura News

ILC is issuing a call for submission of proposals to research the linkages between family farming and people-centred land governance and identify concrete policy recommendations to promote change. The deadline for submission is 22 November 2013

A special call launched by the International Land Coalition (ILC) is inspired by the upcoming 2014 “International Year of Family Farming” (IYFF).

It aims at raising the profile of family farmers and small-scale food producers in addressing the common challenges of humanity, including eradicating poverty and hunger, building more sustainable and equitable food systems, enabling the stewardship role of local communities, and promoting cultural and biological diversity.

ILC will award a small number of grants for research activities (USD 8000) that focus on the intersection between land rights and family farming and contribute to a deeper understanding of how land governance can better respond to the needs and tap the potential of family farmers and small-scale food producers.

Research projects are expected to:

  1. Identify those land governance norms, mechanisms, institutions and practices that better respond to the needs of family farming and tap the potential of small-scale food production systems;
  2. Contribute to a better definition of family farming in specific contexts – actors, practices, needs, challenges, opportunities – for both women and men, and with an effort to capture different positions, interests, and land-related inequalities within families;

To do this, research proposals can focus on a specific country or region, and should discuss challenges, successful experiences and practical policy recommendations on one or more of the areas identified by ILC (Production / Diversity and sustainability / Women / Indigeneous and moblie livelihood systems / Youth).


The deadline for submission is November 22, 2013

More information about the call and Terms of reference can be found HERE.

This could also enable AGRINATURA identify research priority areas where programme and projects could be developed and policy briefs could be also produced.