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One Planet Fellowship Study tour on science-policy linkages in Brussels and Rome 9 – 13 May 2022

  • 05th May 2022
  • by secretary
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Agropolis Fondation is organizing next week in Brussels and Rome a study tour on science-policy links for 10 One Planet Fellows and 4 African mentors followed the week after by a Science week in Montpellier where the Fellows will meet with their European supervisors as well as with the AWARD team.


One Planet Fellowship Initiative aims to build a vibrant, connected and intergenerational network of African and European scientists equipped to lead research on agriculture – climate change in Africa.



This initiative aims to establish, enable and strengthen a network of up to 600 African and European researchers working on the broad challenges of African agriculture and climate change.
Inspired by the AWARD1 programme, a career fellowship programme designed for African women scientists, the OPFP supports both the work of African researchers on climate change
adaptation, particularly those linked to problems encountered by smallholder farmers, and efforts to link the African and European scientific communities through science-career
development fellowship courses combining mentoring, exposure trips and scientific training as well as networking opportunities for young researchers. The OPFP Laureates are selected following a competitive Call for Candidates issued annually by AWARD for three consecutive years. For the Advanced Science Training (AST), a crucial element of the Fellowship that is funded through the European Commission grant and directly managed by Agropolis Fondation, Laureates are invited to respond to a specific call every year and, if selected, are given the opportunity to improve their science skills in top-notch laboratories and institutions in Europe and to be mentored by Senior scientists in their field of specialization. Selected Laureates are matched with European institutions and senior scientists having the scientific expertise required to carry out their research work. OPFP Laureates are matched with African mentors who are well positioned to help them achieve their career goals. Finally, OPFP Laureates are mentoring African and European mentees following a specific matching process.


Objective of the study tour in Europe


The learning visits in Europe aim at developing a broad understanding of interactions between agriculture and climate change issues, on both scientific and policy-making ground, through a
diversity of meetings and the building of a community spirit. Organised during the stay in Europe of the OPFP Laureates as part of their Advanced Science Training (AST), the learning visits will provide them with insights from policy makers, diplomats, scientists and high-level experts working at the interface between climate change science, agriculture and policies.
It is expected that through these exchanges the OPFP Laureates get a better understanding of how European and international institutions are addressing the issue of climate change and
agriculture and how this is translated into specific policies, regulations and new practices.


Full program can be find in the flyers below:


OPFP study tour Brussels Rome 290422

OPFP programme Science Week MPL 290422

OPFP study tour May narrative 2022