Achieving SDGs Via Agroforestry

  • 01st October 2018
  • by secretary
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Achieving the Global Goals through agroforestry


See the Press Release Agroforestry Network 181001.


Combat climate change and hunger with trees – agroforestry is a key approach to help achieve the global goals


Can agroforestry – a land management system combining crops, trees and sometimes livestock – ensure that people have enough food and have the capacity and the tools to adapt to climate change? The answer is yes. Moreover, agroforestry offers a way to increase biodiversity and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Agroforestry is a sustainable, proven and efficient land management system, according to the experts behind the report Achieving the Global Goals through Agroforestry, launched on October 1, 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden. The report is a result of collaboration between the members of the Agroforestry Network which brings together different actors, such as Agroforestry Sverige, Focali, NIRAS, SIANI, SLU Global, SwedBio at Stockholm Resilience Centre and Vi-skogen (Vi Agroforestry). Despite proven benefits, agroforestry is still not receiving the attention it deserves and investments in agroforestry are insufficient.



Agroforestry and the Global Goals


a little bit from the content of the Agroforestry Report…..


Global Goal 13: Combating climate change and its impacts

Case study: Kenya Agricultural Carbon Project (KACP): Adaptation, mitigation and livelihood improvement

Global Goals 1 and 2: Ending poverty and hunger
Case study: Food security in Sri Lankan homegardens

Global Goal 15: Halting biodiversity loss
Case study: Can banana plantations play a role in preserving the Atlantic Forest?


What is Agroforestry?


See the Agroforestry Report.

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