Results of the NUTRIMAN (Nutrient Management and Nutrient Recovery Thematic Network) Project

  • 23rd July 2021
  • by secretary
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The NUTRIMAN project is a thematic network on nitrogen and phosphorus that brings together scientific knowledge on bio-based fertilisers, in particular the products, technologies, applications and practices derived from them.

This network gathers the most innovative, competitive and commercially-ready scientific results of applied research programmes.

The Nutriman project is financed by the programme Horizon 2020.

The farmer’s platform

One of the outcomes of the NUTRIMAN project is a free online platform on technologies for recycling nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. This platform was specifically designed for the farmers, it now contains 81 carefully selected products and technologies that are currently being used by the industry. It is a database that provides with a wide range of practical information on ready-to-use bio-sourcing fertilisers that deserves to be better known. In addition, the platform provides several information documents that can be consulted and downloaded in eight languages (EN, FR, IT, ES; DE, NL, PL, HU).


The technologies and products on the platform have been divided into categories:


o Biological nutrient recovery: composting, anaerobic digestion, microalgae technologies;

o Phosphorus precipitation from liquid manure, waste water and drain water;

o Thermochemical nutrients recovery;

o Physic-chemical nitrogen recovery from manure, digestate and wastewater: separation, stripping and membrane processes.



o Compost and digestate (Biomass);

o Ash;

o Struvite and other phosphorus products;

o Biochar and bio-phosphates;

o Sewage water and mineral nitrogen concentrates.


The NUTRIMAN project will end in September 2021, however, the platform will be maintained and will evolve until 2031.



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