CDAIS – Global Consultation in Laos

  • 02nd October 2017
  • by secretary
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CDAIS – the EU funded project on capacity development for agricultural innovation systems


The 3rd CDAIS Global Consultation in Laos


from 17-22 September, more than 60 people involved in this initiative came together in three closely interlinked back-to-back meetings to assess the progress including some of those who actually do the work ‘on the ground’, and government and donors representatives.

The first ‘pre’ meeting was of the Agrinatura Taskforce, to unravel logistical issues surrounding the management of this very complex project with so many different components. The 3rd CDAIS Global Consultation on the next two days was held at the National Agricultural and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI), lead partners for activities in Laos, to evaluate developments over the past year. This was followed by the Partner Meeting of the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) to discuss progress made on applying the common framework and new action plan for 2018-2021. CDAIS project team members played an active role, presenting country case studies, and there was much lively debate. After this, the 5th TAP General Assembly agreed on the next steps for finalizing their new action plan and selected a new Steering Committee with Judith Francis from CTA/EFARD as Chair. The week ended with visits to two of the ‘innovation niche partnerships’ the CDAIS project is working with in Laos, with lots of opportunities for interaction between participants and members of farmer groups producing organic vegetables and beef cattle. More …