NRF – call for experts – Research Study: Nutrition Sensitive AgroEcology in Lao PDR

  • 28th September 2023
  • by secretary
Agrinatura News

Dear Agrinatura members,

The Nutrition Research Facility (NRF) has launched a call for expression of interest for several profiles of Junior and Senior non-key experts to support the implementation of the research study “Nutrition Sensitive AgroEcology in Lao PDR – NSAE”. The overall aim of the study is to inform and support public policy on issues of food and nutrition insecurity, in particular, to address the lack of dietary diversity (reflecting micronutrient inadequacy) among the vulnerable population of Lao PDR.

The NSAE research study is coordinated by the NRF partner CIRAD. The positions are based in CIRAD, France, or could be home-based with short/regular travel to Lao PDR. Information about the scope of work and eligibility criteria for each profile can be found at Agrinatura LinkedIn, attached are the Terms of Reference:

The experts are expected to start their assignment in November 2023.

List of the profiles:

– Senior non-key expert in agroecology, food value-chains and food systems (research study coordinator)

– Junior non-key Expert in Food Systems and linkages agriculture-nutrition (research study leader)

– Senior non-key expert in agronomy and agroecological practices

– Senior non-key expert in anthropology

– Senior non-key expert in ecology and agroecological practices

– Senior non-key Expert in epidemiology and food systems

– Senior non-key Expert in nutrition and food systems

– Senior non-key expert in participatory process approaches and facilitation

– Junior non-key expert in food systems, food environments

 Interested experts shall express interest in submitting their CV (max 5 pages) to the NRF team at: and, by Wednesday 04/10/2023 COB. Reference in the email subject: NRF- RS23.008_EOI – include the profile of the expert you are submitting your candidacy for. 

In case you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the NRF team.