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Great Opportunity for Agrinatura researchers! Call for Agrinatura experts for an EC-IFAD Programme CGIAR project review

  • 30th August 2022
  • by secretary
Agrinatura News
Dear Agrinatura members,
This is a call for experts to take part in the forthcoming Agrinatura review of CGIAR/INBAR projects supported by the EC-IFAD Programme “Putting Research into Use for Sustainable Agriculture and Resilience” (PRUNSAR). The following roles are available:
Please find attached the TORs for the review.
Details on any required technical background will follow selection of case studies by late September/early October 2022.
Note: In each team of two, at least one of the experts should have strong practical/field experience of implementation of development projects. A detailed description of the positions is attached.
The expert profiles include a description of the indicative years of experience. Our proposed selection of experts will however consider a range of experience, skills, and knowledge. This particularly applies to the case study experts, where the profile description considers the team, and the exact distribution of experience and team composition may vary case-by-case.
Experts with practical experience of implementing development projects and working in the field alongside and in support of farmers and other stakeholders are particularly encouraged to apply. 
We would be grateful if you could please distribute this call within your organisation and encourage colleagues and other potential candidates within your network to submit CVs to both Prof Vegard Iversen ( and Dr June Po ( by the stated deadlines.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Prof Iversen and myself.
Best regards,
Dr June Po
Research Fellow in Gender and Diversity in Food Systems
Livelihoods and Institutions Department
Co-manager and PhD programme lead – UK Food Systems Centre for Doctoral Training