Agrinatura present at the GCARD 2

  • 22nd October 2012
  • by manager
Agrinatura News

Agrinatura will hold several presentations and one pre event at GCARD 2, Punta del Este


The Second Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD II) will be organized in Punta del Este, Uruguay, 27 October – 1 November 2012. The GCARD II will focus on the ways to implement the tasks identified in the GCARD Road Map with special attention to foresight, capacity building and partnership for innovation and impact on small-holder livelihoods.


GCARD 2 is an important milestone to review the current state of the art and to organise stakeholders for an increased effort – and even more coordinated – to building capacities in agriculture, while reforming the institutions – to increase the relevance and the impact of TAE with regard to the stakeholders’ economic needs on the ground. The Conference should be a platform to build cooperation around key forward-looking agendas and plan joint actions among all stakeholders. This should in turn, open international partnership opportunities and help the development of concrete research and development programs that can lead through to substantive impacts.


  • Agrinatura will contribute to GCARD with organising one pre-event devoted to

Building Capacities in Agriculture Based on Needs


Taking stock of lessons learned and support bottom-up coordination


The pre-event will be held on Saturday October 27, 2012, 14h 00– 18h 30


Download the programme of the pre-event.


         Location of the pre-event: CONRAD RESORT & CASINO, Room A , Punta del Este, Uruguay


  • The recommendations coming from this pre-event will be reported (D. Pillot) in the main GCARD conference in the session C2 Enhancing capacities

Location of the session: CONRAD RESORT & CASINO, parallel session  C2.2: Learning and the empowerment of women and youth, 8h.30 on 30/10/2012 (room to be announced).


  • Agrinatura (P. Sarfatti) will also present the Platform for African-European Partnership on Agricultural Development (PAEPARD) at theBreakout session C1.3 North-South and South-South Collaborative Actions.

Location of the session: CONRAD RESORT & CASINO, parallel session  Partnerships for Livelihood Impacts, 13h.30 on 30/10/2012 (room to be announced).



Materials for the sessions



  1. Session Building Capacities in Agriculture Based on Needs :



Programme of the workshop

EFARD briefing note on Capacity building


1.1     Team Africa



Team Africa Powerpoint presentation

Pdf document TAE partnership


1.2     GFRAS / New extensionist:


See The position paper and the Survey and e-discussion report on


1.3     YPARD


Download the three Outcomes of the Ypard e-discussions for GCARD 2012 on


1.4     GCHERA





  1. Session C1.3: North-South and South-South Collaborative Actions


Download: Presentation will be uploaded soon



  1. Session C2.2: Learning and the Empowerment of Youth and Women


Pdf document GCARD 2 briefing paper C22