EFARD annual meeting and Africa-EU Road Map on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture

  • 20th November 2014
  • by manager
Agrinatura News

EFARD organized its annual technical meeting on food and nutrition, on 12th November in Brussels.

The objective of the meeting was to review key aspects of agriculture and nutrition interventions being undertaken by EFARD stakeholders (universities, research organizations, private sector and civil society) and identify future interventions for accessing funding for joint research and training, improving engagement of the private sector and partners from the south.
AGRINATURA was represented by Jean-Michel Sers , CIRAD. He made a presentation on the draft road map on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA) that was prepared by the Expert Working Group appointed by the HLPD Bureau (EU/AU officials). One of the key decisions following his presentation was that EFARD would review the road map and submit comments to the HLPD EWG.
The EWG official preliminary draft of the roadmap (Roadmap version 7.0, 6 November 2014) is now available on the CAAST-Net Plus forum’s web page and ready for down load:http://caast-net-plus.org/object/news/994.
On the link provided you can also find relevant reports on Africa-EU STI cooperation on food and nutrition security, climate change and health as well as the agenda for an upcoming meeting “Transferring Knowledge to Solutions” which took place on November 24 – 25, in Uganda.