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Agrinatura General Assembly 2024 Helsinki

  • 05th March 2024
  • by secretary

Agrinatura General Assembly 2024 will take place at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and the University of Helsinki, Finland (city centre campus).




Helsinki visitor information


Campus map ( the meeting will take place in the main building, number 1 on the map)


Accommodation information



  1. Preliminary Agenda Agrinatura General Assembly and 3rd Conference

  2. Announcement of the assembly and voting

  3. Proxy form 2024

  4. Minutes of the business meeting, Prague 2023

  5. Budget 2024 on request/intranet

  6. Financial report 2024 on request/intranet

Changes in the Board of Directors Membership:


For vice-president:


Ioannis Dimitriou (Candidate)


Meet the Board Candidates:


1. Inese Rozensteine- CIRAD

Intention Letter


2. Moutaz Alhamada-ISTOM


Expression of Interest


3. Tom De Mill-University of Liège-Gembloux


Intention Letter