Call for experts for two NRF research studies

  • 04th December 2023
  • by secretary

Dear Agrinatura members,

The Nutrition Research Facility (NRF) has launched a call for expression of interest for two profiles of non-key experts (Junior and Senior) to support the implementation of the research studies:

  1. What are the benefits and risks of using nutrient-rich local foods, such as spirulina or moringa oleifera leaves, to supplement the diet of infants and mothers to improve their nutrition status? A scoping review.
  2. Multiple barriers to the economic sustainability of using local alternatives to imported Premix of vitamins and minerals (such as spirulina and moringa) for small and medium companies producing enriched or fortified foods in Africa, with a particular focus on Chad as a case study, and recommendations about how to overcome those barriers.

The overall objective is to evaluate if and how local ingredients, such as spirulina and moringa, can be used in replacement of the imported vitamins and minerals so that local producers of fortified foods are less dependent on imports (or at least import from African neighbouring countries). Both positions are home-based with one of the Senior non-key experts including potential travel to Chad. Information about the scope of work and eligibility criteria for each profile can be found in the attached Terms of Reference. The experts are expected to start their assignment in January 2024.

Interested experts shall express interest in submitting their CV (max 5 pages) to the NRF team at:, by Tuesday 12/12/2023 COB. Reference in the email subject: NRF- RS_23.006_EOI – include the profile of the expert you are submitting your candidacy for. 

In case you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the NRF team.

ToRs for experts: