The European Alliance on Agricultural knowledge for Development

AGRINATURA’s Membership

Who can apply for AGRINATURA membership?

The Deans or Presidents of the faculties, universities or research institutes dealing with tropical and subtropical agriculture, forestry, food and human nutrition, veterinary medicine, fisheries and related environmental sciences may apply fli#menu-item-687or admission if their institution meets with all the following conditions:

  • having strong interests in tropical or subtropical agriculture and/or veterinary medicine;
  • having substantial teaching in agricultural sciences or veterinary medicine at MSc or PhD level and/or research focused on agriculture and natural resources in developing countries.

Institutions located in the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland will be registered as Members and those located outside those countries will be registered as Affiliates.

Institutions eligible to become AGRINATURA Affiliates are partner institutions who are cooperating, or have co-operated with one or more AGRINATURA members within the previous 5 years.

What is the fee for membership?

The AGRINATURA Association membership fee is 1000 Euros.

Organisations that are also members of ICA can pay a joint fee of 1800 Euros for the membership to both ICA and AGRINATURA.

How to apply for membership?

Organisations willing to apply should send a letter of request presenting their application to the secretariat of the Association (See Contacts to obtain the address). The following General Assembly will approve the membership.
Upon decision of the Board of Directors, applying members can beneficiate of the services of the Association and participate to the activities immediately after reception of their application letter.

Current AGRINATURA members