The European Alliance on Agricultural knowledge for Development

Decisions – General Assembly 2015, Motpellier


  1. The Agenda of the meeting is approved without any change.


  1. The minutes of GA 2014 in Vienna are approved.


  1. The activity report, being presented and discussed, is approved unanimously by the Assembly.


  1. The financial report 2014 and the 2015 budget are unanimously approved. The Board is encouraged to go on with structural revision of the economic model in due time to elaborate the new economic model before 2016 budget is prepared.


  1. The Board proposes that new Statutes are prepared and proposed for validation at the next GA. After an active discussion on the respective advantages of a presidential mandate of “2 years renewable once” or “four years non-renewable”, members vote for “four years non-renewable” as preferred option. The President also proposes the nomination of two additional Board members, so that the term of all members does not start and end at the same moment. Following a suggestion by the Board, Alessandra Giuliani (Bern University, Switzerland) and Carolyn Glynn (SLU, Sweden) are unanimously elected to serve as Board members.


  1. Following the point raised by the Vice president, the Assembly approves that IAM Bari, having not paid its fees for the least three is considered as not being member from 2015 onwards (after a last recall letter).)


  1. Following a call directly launched by the President, Luis Mira proposes to organise the GA 2016 in Lisbon. This proposal is approved by the Assembly and Michael Hauser thanks ISA and Luis Mira for their kind offer.


  1. The time devoted to the GA being over, the President proposes to close the meeting and the Assembly gives him the power to take the necessary decisions with regard to the confirmation of the memberships currently in question (new members and members having not paid on the last two years).