The European Alliance on Agricultural knowledge for Development

Decisions – General Assembly 2014, Vienna


  1. The Agenda of the meeting is approved with minor amendments


  1. The minutes of GA 2013 in Bonn are approved


  1. Andrew Westby, outgoing President of EEIG hands his function over to the Association President Michael Hauser. Since now AGRINATURA has one President and new governance model is implemented as it was approved by the last General Assembly in Bonn 2013. Vice-President will be nominated by the EEIG.


  1. It is suggested to ask people (AGRINATURA representatives) involved in advocacy activities to send short reports/results of advocacy activities to be spread among members (by e-mail, put on websites…)


  1. Nomination for a representative to represent ICA as alternate for the next GCHERA Board will be implemented through call to all members of AGRINATURA, selection should be finished by 20th of June..


  1. Support for evidence policy making – this type of aktivity should be rephrased to another pillars (eg. Policy advocacy)


  1. Board of Directors will manage and develop suggestion to raise the fees from projects to 20 % for the next General Assembly. The financial report is approved..


  1. The budget 2014 is approved.


  1. Application of AGREENIUM to become a member of AGRINATURA is discussed, but no decision is taken. Principally it is approved, formal application has to be done yet.