The European Alliance on Agricultural knowledge for Development

Decisions – General Assembly 2013 Bonn


  1. The Agenda of the meeting with two amendments (New activities of Agrinatura presented by D. Pillot and presentation of Article 185 by P. Petithuguenin) approved.


  1. The minutes of GA 2012 in Paris are approved.


  1. Approval of strategic options: Scenario n. 2 (Alliance – which means continuation of current scenario, but adds development of policy support capacity for ARD as a strategic objective) and organizational option n. 3 (Keep legal structures with better division of labour – merge operational structures, 2 Chair positions held by 1 person (one President for both organizations) or one of them having specific role, 2 Vice-presidents with distinctive roles are approved by GA.


  1. The Financial report 2012 approved by GA.


  1. The proposed Budget 2013 is approved by GA.


  1. New proposed members for 2013 are approved: Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, Agropolis, France.


  1. PILLOT is elected the Vice-President of AGRINATURA.


  1. For the General Assembly 2013 Vienna is suggested by M. HAUSER with date at the end of March/ early April.


  1. For the decisions taken on the meetings there will be a special folder on the intranet created, where they will be placed to be better accessible for the members.