The European Alliance on Agricultural knowledge for Development


AGRINATURA is in working partnership with:

  • the European Commission
          • Strategy analysis on the Use Biotechnologies in Developing Countries
          • Monitoring of EC funded CGIAR projects
  • the European Initiative on Agricultural Research for Development (EIARD)
          • Policy and strategic support on key ARD topics- Studies and policy briefs on
            • Making ARD more pro-poor
            • Capacity Development
            • Impact Assessment
            • International Assessment on Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD)
          • Feasibility study for bi-regional Platforms on Agricultural Research for Development: Europe-Asia and Europe-Latin America
  • Producers Organizations at the global (IFAP), regional (e.g. PAFFO, EAFF, PROPAC, SACAU) and national level
          • Empowering Smallholders Farmers in the Market (ESFIM)
          • Developing accessible systems to manage risks in family agriculture in Africa
  • Development Partners , such as civil society groups, farmers organisations, private sector, research and education networks in Europe and in the south
          • Platform for African-European partnership for Agricultural Research for Development (PAEPARD), in collaboration with the Forum on Agricultural research in Africa (FARA)
          • Support to the Secretariat of the European Forum on Agricultural research for Development (EFARD)