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Master of Science in Food Security and Climate Change (FSCC) project

Master of Science in the Food Security and Climate Change








Asian Coordinator:

KU (Thailand)








Agrinatura (Europe)





IPB (Indonesia)


UPLB (Philippines)


UPM (Malaysia)


UGM (Indonesia)


 1st Workshop  held by Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand

14 – 16 February 2017

representatives from  all project partners, Agrinatura, SEARCA, IPB, UPLB, UGM, UPM and  KU gathered in Bangkok, Thailand, for the Workshop for Master of Science in Food Security and Climate Change held at Kasetsart University 14 – 16 February 2017. During two days of plenty discussions the members agreed on the more specified results.

The FSCC workshop participants registered to the workshop followed by the opening session by acting President of Kasetsart University and Vice-President for Academic Affairs of the Kasetsart University an finally by a Chancellor of the University of the Philippines Los Baňos. The invitations addressed to the participants followed by the presentation of Workshop Agenda, Objectives and Expected Outcomes of the MS FSCC project. Afterwards, all the participants gathered  for the group photo as a obligatory part of PR and teambuilding.

The 3 day programme started by presentations of possible training tracks for FSCC Master programme and followed by discussions between universities, where students will study different study tracks. These discussions were accompanied by identification of missing competences within these mentioned training tracks. Also, part of the Management team issues were discussed within the members and the Draft of the Partnership Agreement was proposed. The second day started with presentations of universities and their introduction to the service to student mobility. There was the presentation of the application system software which will be used for the project implementation.

The last day of the workshop BOKU ( Austria) and Indonesian partners presented the proposal for the summer course – the experience, the scope and perspectives. In the workshop‘ s conclusion, the participants have divided their competencies and tasks within given  time framework of the FSCC project.




More photos see at Agrinatura’ s FB page.