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Agrinatura members’ s Summer Schools 2017

Agrinatura members’ s Summer Schools 2017

Agrinatura Summer Schools 2017

Wageningen University and Research 

  1. Summer School on agroecology and animal production

  2. Summer School Greenhouse Horticulture

  3. Summer School Dutch dairy chain

  4. Online Summer Schools



1. Sustainability Transitions Summer School: Food security and climate change



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Montpellier SupAgro

  1. Agriculture summer school
  2.  Language summer school 



  1. Training in research and through research
  2. Principles of a Global One Health

  3. Summer School on agroecology and animal production

  4. Summer School agroecology and animal production



  1. U4 Summer School ‘Sustainable use and re-use of biomass’

  2. International Training Programme on Health Management in Aquaculture (ITP Aqua)

  3. Sustainability in the agro-food chain

  4. Others





Brewing Summer Course 2,5 ECTS
Brewing Summer Course 5 ECTS
Brewing Summer Course 7,5 ECTS
Diagnosis of Diseases of Agricultural and Horticultural Plants
Field Course in Ecology and Evolution of East Africa
Numerical Methods in Physics


Advanced Java
Advanced Plant Identification
Advanced synthetic techniques
Applications of X-ray and Neutron Scattering in Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Archaeological Science in the Post-Genome Era
Arctic Field Course
Aroma – the Chemistry behind Odour
Biochemistry of Protein Complexes
Bioinformatics Project 1
Bioinformatics Project 2
Bioinformatics Project 3
Bioinformatics Project 4
CANCELLED Sampling the Soil Environment – Carbon, Nitrogen, Water and Greenhouse Gases
CANCELLED: Restoration of European Ecosystems and Freshwaters
Conservation Management of Protected Natural and Semi-natural Habitats
Ecosystem Services from Forests and Nature
Forensic Geobiology
Individual Project in Bioinformatics
International Nature Conservation
Major Subject Project
Managing and Analysing Cross Sectional and Spatial Data in Social Science
Marine Faunistics: biology and systematics of marine fish and invertebrates
Marine Geoscience
Neuromuscular Development and Disease
Nutrition in Global Health
Observational Astronomy
Practical Financial Optimization
Principal Subject in Immunology and Metabolism 3
Principal Subject in Molecular Cell Biology 3
Principal Subject in Molecular Genetics 3
Principal Subject in Molecular Microbiology 3
Principal Subject in Protein Chemistry 3
Project Course in Geography and Geoinformatics
Project Course in Geology-Geoscience
Research Topics in Physical Oceanography
Science Communication in Theory and Practice
Subjects in Blockchain Technology (SBT)