The European Alliance on Agricultural knowledge for Development

Agrinatura General Assembly 2015

GA/MAM 2015 was held on March 19 – 20 in Montpellier, following global conference on Climate Smart Agriculture taking place 16 – 18 March, 2015.

The annual AGRINATURA meetings were organized back to back with Global Science Conference on Climate Smart Agriculture and AGRINATURA side event on Building Capacities in a Context of Climate Change. More information about the side event can be found on this site.

The events were organized in Montpellier, 16 – 20 March, 2015 with following schedule:

16 – 18 March

Global Conference on CSA
more information about content and registration can be found on its website

19 March 2015 l Morning
AGRINATURA Side Event on “Building Capacities in a Context of Climate Change
19 March 2015 l Afternoon
General Assembly
19 March 2014 l Evening
Joint Reception or Evening Program
20 March 2014
EEIG MAMEnd mid afternoon
Departure on late afternoon / evening of 20 March 2014
The minutes and other documents of the meeting are available for members in the intranet section.