The European Alliance on Agricultural knowledge for Development

Agrinatura Activities & Projects

AGRINATURA formulates and implements research and education programmes and projects in developing and emerging economy countries on every continent.
At the practical level, AGRINATURA partners interact with a single office (the management unit) that:
  • can widely inform the European ARD community of partnerships opportunities;
  • can directly enter partnerships and consortia that can respond to the AGRINATURA objectives;
  • can mobilise necessary experts from research, training and development organisations to work almost anywhere.

AGRINATURA assets are:


  • global coverage of key issues in agricultural research for development, focusing mainly on developing countries and countries with emerging economies;
  • broad spectrum of complementary expertise in disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and development which allows AGRINATURA to work at the  interfaces;
  • solid experience in integrative and participatory approaches at different scales;
  • translation of development issues into a researchable agenda; inclusion of development projects into on-going research and education programmes;
  • partnership which goes beyond the function of services provider; regular and continuous contacts with project partners in the field before, during and after operation of programmes;
  • extensive experience in capacity development and scientific support for the formulation of international development policies, and the search for project funding thanks to its collaboration with and support of partner institutions and stakeholders.