The European Alliance on Agricultural knowledge for Development

8 April 2020. ASARECA has published a book titled: ASARECA @25. Celebrating decades of Coordinating Collaborative Agricultural Research for Development (1994-2019).

The book is published in two versions:
  1. Full version (130 pages): This is a fairly comprehensive account of achievements of ASARECA since establishment in 1994. Besides highlighting key achievements from a total investment of USD 131million expended through projects implemented in the 12 member countries since inception, the book describes ASARECA value proposition, and going forward, spells out how ASARECA is now positioned to serve its constituents.
  2. Abridged version (36 pages): The abridged version is a condensed summary of achievements in form of snap-shots for easy reference.
    25 Years of Adding Value to to Member Countries
    04 | Looking into the Future
    06 | Context and Justification for ASARECA Work
    07 | Why ASARECA was Established by the Member Countries
    08 | ASARECA AR4D Investments 08 | Contribution to Member Countries
    10 | CAADP XP4: Flagship Project (2019- 2023)
    12 | Taking Stock: Celebrating Impacts of US$ 131 Million Investments

The documents are meant to raise the visibility of ASARECA and its national, regional, continental, and above all, Development partners by showcasing value for money initiatives.