The European Alliance on Agricultural knowledge for Development

4-8 February 2019. Worcester, South Africa. Workshop on Bioinformatics and Wheat Genomics II

The UK Science and Innovation Network (South Africa) hosted a workshop and built on the previous workshop (Bioinformatics and Wheat Genomics) made possible by the Newton Fund Researchers Link Program, which aimed to establish and strengthen relationships between South African (SA) and United Kingdom (UK) researchers, particularly in the area of bioinformatics.

The workshop was coordinated by Dr Renée Prins (SA) and Dr Diane Saunders (UK) and provided continuity to the previous effort of improving the bioinformatics skill set of African researchers working in the fields of cereals research and crop breeding. Dr Burkhard Steuernagel (UK) and Dr Robert Davey (UK), will join Dr Diane Saunders as workshop trainers. Bioinformaticians from two South African universities were invited as guest speakers to provide insight into bioinformatics training and collaboration opportunities in South Africa.

The workshop was designed around a series of practical exercises to allow the participants to explore different types of bioinformatics analyses, and invited researchers from Africa (particularly South Africa and Kenya) working in the fields of cereals research and crop breeding.