The European Alliance on Agricultural knowledge for Development

EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2018

11-12 June 2018. Stockholm, Sweden. EAT Stockholm Food Forum.  Over 600 participants from science, politics, business and civil society from over 50 countries gathered at the fifth EAT Stockholm Food Forum.

The 2018 EAT Stockholm Food Forum explored a range of solutions available for achieving healthy and sustainable diets for a growing global population. It confronted some of the hard questions head on, such as how to feed the world with zero land expansion and ocean depletion, or the benefits of processed foods and clean meat.

Extracts of the programme:

Think big, empower small-scale fishers and farmers

Gilbert Houngbo, president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development explains why coastal communities are fundamental for necessary changeSpare a thought for small-scale fisheries, they produce two thirds of the fish you eat. They are often left to their own devices when it comes to how they manage local fish stocks and face a constant struggle to make sure their livelihoods are not taken away from them. Attempts at making them more sustainable vary significantly, depending on how well governed and structured they are. Amid successful attempts, the need to empower them is fundamental. Gilbert Houngbo believe coastal communities play a crucial role in any solution being developed. Without them, it will be even harder to turn things around.

Feeding the World With Zero Land Expansion and Marine Degradation

Aquaculture comes with a range of challenges and better funding should also include the elimination of subsidies for industrial fishing. Any chance of a positive future hinges on a significant increase in protected areas from fishing. Currently it stands at only 2 percent globally.

  • Izabella Koziell, Director, Water, Land, Ecosystems – International Water Management Institute 
  • Ruth Kimmelshue, Corporate Senior Vice President, Business Operations and Supply Chain; Sustainability, Cargill 
  • Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Founder and President, Ocean Collective
  • Moderated by Corby Kummer, Food Writer, The Atlantic.

Food and Climate Change Inextricably Linked

Christiana Figueres Convener, Mission 2020, UN’s top climate change diplomat

Which solutions are needed for large scale reduction of food waste?

This panel addressed the solutions needed to win the war on food waste. Thinking big but actionable, is it possible to implement a treaty of sensible rules and guidelines that countries can adopt? For example, on waste quotas along value chain, promoting “ugly” vegetables, re-use of food waste in livestock feed, finding a way to tax food waste. Do we know enough to have clear and actionable recommendations for food system actors? Are there any ethical dilemmas involved? And, what role does industry see for itself in the war on food waste?

The panel consisted of: 
How Can New Technology Save Our Food System? 
As much as technology has the power to make the seemingly impossible, possible, but scaling it up to generate transformative change on global level is quite the challenge. How can we maximise the impact of technology for the benefit of everyone in the food system? What is the role of entrepreneurs? And what about Amazon and other giants out there? In an interesting panel led by Caleb Harper from MIT’s Open Agriculture Initiative, crucial topics on technology development, policy and investment where discussed, mixed with sharp questions from the EAT forum audience. “More entreprenurs need to solve real problems.” 
  • Niklas Adalberth, Founder, Norrsken Foundation 
  • Dr. Heather Tallis, Global Managing Director and Lead Scientist for Strategy Innovation, -The Nature Conservancy 
  • Sean De Cleene, Head of Food Security and Agriculture Initiatives, World Economic Forum

Africa Can Feed and Nourish Itself Dr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki

See video second day

What Does the Future of Small-Holder Farming Look Like?

This panel explored the future of small-holder farming and sustainable livelihoods. Price competition between major retailers sets the price of commodities, with impacts on wages for farmers. Even with improvements and better yields per unit of input, how can we avoid being locked into unaffordability of farming due to these pricing strategies set above the level of farmers? How can the global market become more equitable for smallholder farmers? And, how will the tech revolution disrupt smallholders? See video second day
  • Ertharin Cousin
    Ertharin Cousin is a distinguished fellow of Global Agriculture at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. She previously served as executive director of the World Food Programme from 2012 until 2017.
  • Dr. Bing Zhao
    Dr. Bing Zhao is the Director and Global Coordinator of the Purchase for Progress (P4P) initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), taking up this role in April 2016.
  • Norah Asiyo Ebukalin
    Norah Asiyo Ebukalin is the Executive Director of the Popular Knowledge Women’s Initiative (P’KWI), a women founded farmer organisation based in Eastern Uganda focused on securing socially acceptable, environmentally responsible, economically viable and sustainable households.
  • Dr. Diana Horvath
    Dr. Diana Horvath’s interests are in the delivery of seed with improved disease resistance, particularly for subsistence farmers. Before joining Roger Freedman to set up 2Blades, she served as Science Director at ATP Capital, a New York venture capital firm that invested in companies developing agricultural biotechnologies
  • William H. Moore
    Moore serves on the Board of Directors for Bread for the World and The Alliance to End Hunger, as well as the Advisory Board for the Centre for Innovation and Health at Concern Worldwide.
  • John Cordaro
    He is the Mars liaison with the UN Rome Based Agencies and Member State Representatives; the Private Sector Mechanism of the UN CFS; and helps create and manage Mars food safety partnerships, such as GAIN’s Business Platform for Nutrition Research (BPNR), the SUN Business Network, World Food Programme (WFP), Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa (PACA), and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), including a participant in the Committee on Agriculture (COAG), supports the African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC) and has been an industry stakeholder representative on the Global Nutrition Report (GNR) since its inception. J.B. has over five decades international food experiences working in approximately 50 countries in U.S. and international agriculture, food, nutrition and health activities

The Great Food Transformation: Onward and upward!

During EATForum18, we have showcased innovative solutions, uncommon collaborations, and fruitful ideas that will help us onwards towards a healthier and more sustainable food system. Cutting through the complexity of the food system, this panel will highlight opportunities for immediate action. What are the next steps to keep the momentum going: individually, locally, regionally and globally? See video second day

Business Models from the Edge: Wealth from Wastewater, Salary from Sunbeams, Profits From PoopCGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE)
It’s time to shake up the food production business and ensure wise use and reuse of natural resources. Turn toilet waste into fuel or fertilizer. Irrigate using solar technology. Global researchers will pitch financially, environmentally and socially viable business models. Join us to get business ideas, offer advice, and learn.

Antiglobalism and Food Security: 2018 Global Food Policy ReportInternational Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Antiglobalism was on the rise in 2017. What will that mean for food security and nutrition? The Sweden launch of IFPRI’s 2018 Global Food Policy Report will examine the impacts of global integration—including the movement of goods, investment, people, and knowledge—and the threat of current antiglobalization pressures.
Livestock enhanced diets in the first 1,000 days: Pathways to healthy and sustainable futures in low-income countries?
Chatham House and the International Livestock Research Institute
A new evidence review shows that livestock-derived foods – meat, milk and eggs – are essential elements in the diets of women and children in developing countries. Nutrient-rich diets will improve their futures. This session presented this evidence and asks how we can meet the needs of poor people at a key moment in their lives – during the first 1000 days of a child’s life – without compromising our planet’s health.

The True Cost of Food 
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
FReSH has developed a discussion paper on the True Cost of Food. The event will discuss technical, organizational, and policy barriers that prevent true cost approaches to be widely used today. By reaching out to partners active in this area, we aim at overcoming those are barriers and transform food systems for sustainability and health. 

FReSH shared two Science to Solutions publications at the EAT Stockholm Food Forum

  • The Initial Outcome Paper for Discussion from the first Dialogue Putting Food in Food held in London on 13-15 March 2018 explores the solution spaces for processed and packaged food, and calls for creating and amplifying a new narrative that insists that all food produced and consumed should be good for people and the planet.
  • The Summary Outcome Paper for Discussion from the second Dialogue People, Planet, Protein: What’s the Plan held in Washington, D.C. on 24-26 April 2018 explores the solutions spaces for shifting towards more sustainable and healthy protein sources and more sustainable livestock production.
Livestream 11 June
Livestream 12 June



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