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1 August 2017. The OECD Centre on Green Finance and Investment announced the publication of the report “The Empirics of Enabling Investment and Innovation in Renewable Energy”.

The key findings of this report are summarised in a new blog published by LSE Business Review:

This report provides insights on how policies and investment conditions influence investment and innovation in renewable power in advanced and emerging countries. Based on new econometric analysis, this new OECD report shows that misalignments in policies and electricity markets and cumbersome and risky investment conditions are among the main factors holding back investment and innovation in renewable energy in advanced and emerging countries. This new report assesses the impacts of climate mitigation policies (such as carbon prices, feed-in tariffs, public tenders, etc.) and the quality of the investment environment (e.g. sovereign credit rating, Basel III, licensing process, etc.) on both investment and patenting activity in renewable power since 2000, across OECD and G20 countries. The report also assesses how the investment environment and related policy misalignments influence the effect of climate mitigation policies in encouraging renewables investment and innovation.

The report is available online at: